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Binge Living :: Lets Be Clear

Let me clarify a few things. I am asked often why I am doing this “shinipix” thing.
Here are a few things about me: I am - a graphic designer, marketer, a web and e-commerce developer, a portrait painter, a mother, an entrepreneur, a coworker, proud Canadian, a cat lover, and a health nut who is committed to good food, building muscle and exercising my brain. I am a FORMER victim of abuse who has found her voice and cares enough to courageously use my skills and talents to lead by example. I give a shit, because it matters, you matter. I raise funds and make no profit through the sale of my #Neonbutterfly line of #athleisurewearbuilding a scholarship for victims of violence. #lifelonglearner#multipotentialite that’s why I do this “shinipix” thing. Be a fan, follow me. It’ll only get better. #getreal #believeinyourself

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