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Hey friends! How is your winter going?

This month has a Blue Monday, a Blood Red Moon, and a lot of white depending on where you live. This edition is focused on finding support. There are plenty of challenges in life as we go and grow. Are you treating yourself well, following routines and adding some spice to it here and there?

When I was starting to build a semblance of life back after leaving my abusive circumstance, I was exposed to the awesome facilitators at a program we call ARCC. Being open to exploring more of the psychology behind healing, I learned that through our lives, we build and shape supports that are both familiar and safe. Through b-mod, we learn to accept many healthy and some not so healthy behaviours. Sometimes we fall into circumstances that are difficult to change. Through ARCC's guidance and the wonderful support of Nathalie and the staff, I began to recognize the "tools" that I already possess. These tools had already helped me through many stressful times. I took inventory and mindfully put them in a toolbox that I accessed throughout therapy.

To list a few of these "tools", my box included favourite things like:

  • music
  • lighting candles
  • singing in the shower
  • volunteering
  • going to movies
  • writing
  • crocheting
  • photography
  • fitness
  • talking to trusting friends
  • colouring books and more...

Thank goodness colouring had a big surge during this time, it presented many fun options. Simple, affordable and easy things that we may consider designed for childhood, but have great positive effects on mood and behaviour at any age. My list of these activities were collected and stored in a "recovery" journal.

I have since added pics of things I like and things I would like to do, since experiences far outweigh material things in my perspective. You'll find your groove and start to build a better sense of self in the process. Fitness has become far and wide my most satisfying activity. When I am at the gym, I'm away from distractions. Like my old warn wrist brace, it's familiar and comfortable but it helps keep me in line and I'm thankful (even for this small thing). It's all on me at the gym. The advances I have made make me feel proud that I have come this far, and help me realize that I am my best friend and sole/soul support.

So grab a pencil and a scrap piece of paper. Fill your toolbox with activities that will help you survive this sometimes cruel world, and recognize that there are small bits of joy to be had (again).

Here's hoping you keep as busy as allows you to sustain good health,

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