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Binge Living :: Motivators


shinipix #BingeLiving

It's finally a sunny day here at the studio in Southeastern Ontario. The leaves need raking, but I'd rather sit in the warmth of a blanket with me coffee and let you in on what motivates me to do what I do; and hopefully inspire you to do just a bit more to better your life too.

I made the excruciating decision over three and a half years ago to make some significant changes in my life to make it a better one. This decision involved many options that I had weighed over the span of ten or more years. I had a motivator. A long-term friend who helped me to springboard into this new life. It was a spur-of-the-moment opportunity, a door that may have closed had I not jumped through it. The leap, and the entire experience has been at times frightening, joyful, and everything in between. For the most part, it's help me be open to the opportunities that I never considered possible.

I believe that change is good. It builds a global strength in the sanctity of body, mind and spirit. Change happens in seconds. Transition happens over time. Knowing now that, it is transition that's the true challenge. Believe in the challenge. If you let transition wash over you, walk beside it through the tough times like it's a companion, you will see great results.

After spending years in a Marketing role at a community based facility and knowing my role was ending, I began to invest more time in working out at their gym while continuing to take professional development courses and experiment with my love of photography. During workouts, I began to let my thoughts just roll. I solved many of the world's problems as I invested hours into my physical development. As time went by, I noticed that not only did my body benefit, but my emotional, social and intellectual abilities grew too. Right in the middle of all of this, I decided to make my change and jump I did, right into the chaos.

The drive to see one's abilities grow is what motivates a tremendous number of us; striving for better if we are willing to take on the risks. What motivates me may not be the same formula that works for you. For some unconscionably sadistic reason, I throw myself into situations that I feel are somewhat impossible to master, knowing it will challenge my skills and abilities. I work, I gym, I design, I cook, I create for the better. I'm not giving up to the sedentary lifestyle; sitting on the couch, eating potato chips and candy bars with my remote control in my hand and head in the sand blaming everyone else for the world's wrongs. I have a super fun time building my shinipix brand which believes in a healthy lifestyle. I want to share it with you.

I'm #bingeLiving. Join me!

Now 'scuse me, the leaves can't rake themselves.

XO, Cyndy

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