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Binge Living :: Sharing the Shinipix Story

Knee Deep in the Holiday Wish List Season

Just a quick not this time around to update you with what's going on in the Shinipix stratosphere. Last Wednesday I was invited to share my Shinipix story with the YOUR TV Ontario audience. Doreen Barnes was as gracious as usual and the support staff were accommodating and kind. I have done such things before but was still quite nervous that I would stay on point, having as brain that wanders and lips that follow.
The conversation flew by and the 5 minutes was up before I realized I forgot a couple of points that you may be able to help with.
Here is my Shinipix holiday wish list:
  1. I am still searching for a couple of female mannequin forms, even if they are damaged (because we all are, right?!).
  2. I am looking to collaborate with local artisans for cross-branding opportunities, if anyone might be interested in growing together.
  3. Victim Services and I are looking for a vacant retail outlet to "borrow" to feature the fundraising efforts for the scholarship fund. DBIA says no interest in this, but I persist.
Suggestions are welcomed, and greatly appreciated. Let me know. The video will air the first week of December and I'll post a link to it if you want to follow the progress of the brand - an me! You can check it out yourself at this link.
Over the holidays I will be working on creating a Spring collection, and roll it out  to my biz-besties of course! Sign up here to be one:
Here's hoping you keep as busy as allows you to sustain good health,

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