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New Internet-based Retail Web Shop Raises Funds with Victim Services

Shinipix is a new Locally-owned Online 1000 Islands based Business

Shinipix (shy-nee-picks) offers exclusive one-of-a-kind wearable art, wall décor and accessories. The products are proudly 100% Canadian designed and made pieces that are created one at a time on-demand for each individual customer. The business has a philanthropic heart, aligning with the regions Victim Services which helps victims of domestic violence deal and heal.

The brainchild of designer, photographer, artist, and health & fitness nut, Cyndy Bolton, “Shinipix: Walls & Wearables” is a mesh of passions that drive her to continually learn and experiment, sharing her knowledge with others through these common appreciations. A keen eye and deep life experiences are woven into her designs. They are fun, kick-ass and whimsical pieces of eye-candy. According to Cyndy, “The cool thing about this business model is the ability to customize the products and respond to demand with a growth potential that is much more agile than traditional models.”

One product line in particular is designated to raise money for a proposed scholarship fund. “Education is one of the principal things that we can gain to empower ourselves; at any point in our lives, even through a crisis. It also supplies leverage for one’s position when at a disadvantage; commitment to learning can help move you to a more advantageous mile marker on a difficult journey.” A percentage of net sales from the “Neon Butterfly” line will be directed to grow the Shinipix Dawning Hope Scholarship Fund, with the help of this region’s Victim Services Program. Noted is the fact that this product line will not be involved in any discount related promotions in order to maximize the contribution to the fund. “Being thankful has always been a part of who I am”, she says. “The current e-commerce environment presents incredible opportunity for smaller localized businesses to expand their reach and help to generate fresh not-for-profit funds. Our community has a capacity related to charitable giving, with multiple meaningful charities vying for the same dollar. I’ve coordinated my skills, committed to the work, sourced domestic suppliers and have personally grown by learning more each day”, which consists of growing her brand, a full time job, gym, eat, sleep and repeat. Not only have I built a healthier sense of self through this process, but will continue to help others do the same.”­­                       

Cyndy started with the idea about 3 years ago by reaching out to several community based service providers, and connected with a Sonya Jodoin, Executive Director at Victim Services of Leeds & Grenville. Sonya adds, “One of our missions is to encourage growth and help others seek out opportunities for empowerment and healing.  We are ridiculously excited about this association with Shinipix because we often see a gap between rescue or leaving and independence.  Being a non-profit organization whose work comes from a base of trauma, we recognize that creative endeavors have a valued and important role in the healing process for many people and can lead towards opportunities for independence and empowerment. Partnering with Cyndy and her cause-minded enterprise allows us to demonstrate full circle this role and highlight the value of creative activities for all. “

“Hope is a uniquely human condition” Bolton adds. She shares modestly with the community her desire to always be mindful of others’ circumstances and helpful in ways that can to make necessary and healthy improvements. “Every Bit Counts”, as it states on the “Our Story” page. There’s no time to rest, now that it’s go-time. Marketing an e-commerce business requires resources, so the dream of working hard and building an empire continues for Cyndy.

Go to and sign up to watch Shinipix grow, as well as be in the loop with promotions. With BFCM just around the corner, Cyndy promises to have something special for her e-customers, as well as a heartfelt commitment to customer service excellence and community.






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