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Shinipix "Magick" Custom Apparel Line of Clothing


Thank goodness the better weather is with us, as now it is much easier to commute to our beautiful nation's capital Ottawa and the world HQ of Shopify. It's only an hour drive from the world HQ of Shinipix, in our spectacular 1000 Islands region of Ontario Canada, lol. Meetings here are free to entrepreneurs like myself, and give us the opportunity to grow to meet the demands of our customers as well as address any wrinkles along the way.

This Blog covers Shinipix Quality Affordable Custom Online Merchandise and Apparel for both Customers and Retailers.

Recently, Shinipix has developed an entirely new custom line of retail apparel and customer-specific merchandise for local retailer Olde Magick, a Wicca Shop in the small fort town of Prescott, Ontario.

I sent out 12 invitations for local retailers to share the opportunity to explore Shinipix and what we can do together to grow business. Out of the dozen, three responded. One with a delayed no thank you and another had to think about it and then declined. That left one who had a progressive ear who wanted to learn more. After a discussion over coffee in the Olde Magick retail location, we agreed to give it a try. Ordinarily, most small business owners would not even consider having their own retail line of merchandise. With Shinipix, we open up the potential for them to explore the potential of deepening their customer's brand experience by offering custom designed wear and items that are useful, attractive and very affordable. The retailer has the complete freedom to decide whether to carry items in stock, or to order online, with pricing options that are affordable. This is a terrific opportunity as well, for community and sporting groups who desire custom wear for their teams and events. The sky is the limit. All items are designed and made domestically, and half of the fabrics are made right here too!

Shinipix - Magick Tote Bag

It only took a few days to customize a half dozen images in the Shinipix photo vault, and then apply them to the design process. Within a week, the Olde Magick store had a complete line of 20 items of beautifully designed clothing and merchandise, providing over 350 variants of these products that provide an extra revenue stream that was until now, unrealized. An upcoming featured event at the Olde Magick location will involve the introduction of the Magick line of merchandise, and a Trunk Sale open to all customers on that date.

This proves that it really is to the business owner's advantage to keep and open door and ear when and entrepreneur comes knocking with opportunity that can open undiscovered doors for them in turn. 



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