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Our Story :: shinipix gives back

Hit the Restart Button, and another life chapter begins; one with deeper meaning and an endearing appreciation. Why? Sometimes we search for "Better", hopeful of its possibility; yearning to experience it. Clear out the old meanings and refresh them with a new, less esoteric purpose. Break through the noise of modern life, and what we think we know and have safely become accustomed to: the mundane and the boring. In that search, if we are able to see these un-obscured moments, we become something else. Search, see, listen and learn these wonderful lessons at the simplest level. It's our quest to keep beauty close and remain optimistic even through troubled times. The inspiration for Shinipix is a product of this journey back to health and self. Share the same comfort and appreciation. The images you see were both captured on film long ago, as was the Neon Butterfly; most are through digital means. Relish the journey with each vignette. Break out of the "usual" and express it.



It is with this realization that Shinipix supports those who struggle through the adjustment of leaving violent situations. Shinipix donates a percentage of each net sale of the "Neon Butterfly" Line of Products to help aspire for a less frightful journey back to self. It's humanly innate to search for that "Better" in life; making the conscious and courageous choice to deal and heal. We give help and hope with our gift of light. We are proud to share our quality Canadian Designed and Made products. All images are carefully selected for quality and composition and are guaranteed exclusive and original. You will not find them for sale anywhere else but through Shinipix. 100% designed and proudly made in Canada.*


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*T-shirts printed in Canada only.