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Shinipix Product Dimensions
Product Size in Inches
Leggings 22.2in x 42.4in for one leg
Yoga Leggings 22.2in x 36.5in for one leg and 31.4in x 10.6in for the band
Capris 22.2in x 33.8in for one leg
Yoga Capris 22.1in x 28.4in for one leg and 31.3in x 10.5in for the band
Shorts 19.1in x 15.5in for one leg and 3in x 10.1in for the gusset
Flare Skirt 35.9in x 24.4in for one side of the skirt
Wrap Skirt 53.1in x 53.3in
Fitted Skirt 18.8in x 21.3in for one side of the skirt
Flare Dress 35.2in x 36.8in for one side of the dress
Bodycon Dress 21.5in x 36.7in for one side of the dress
Loose Tank Top 21.2in x 27.3in for one side
Fitted Tank Top 18.7in x 27.6in for one side
Athletic Crop Top 17.7in x 17.8in for one side of the crop top
Baby Leggings 13.3in x 23.4in for one leg
Beanie 24in x 11.7in
Youth Leggings 32.8in x 34.3in for one leg
Kimono Robe Front Side Panel: Front (one part): 26in x 34in Back Full Panel: Back: 43.7in x 33.1in
Draped Kimono Front Side Panel: Front (one part): 35in x 32in Back Full Panel: Back: 40in x 28.6in
Peignoir Front Side Panel: Front (one part): 32.1in x 42in Back Full Panel: Back: 59in x 49.1in
Long Scarf 72in x 16in
Square Scarf 50in x 50in
Device Cases
Galaxy S9 3.3in x 6.6in
iPhone X 3.7in x 6.3in
Galaxy S8 3.5in x 6.9in
iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus 3.8in x 6.9in
iPhone 7 / 8 3.3in x 6.1in
Galaxy S7 Edge 3.6in x 6.7in
Galaxy S7 3.4in x 6.2in
Galaxy S6 Edge 3.5in x 6.3in
Galaxy S6 3.6in x 6.4in
iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus 3.8in x 6.9in
iPhone 6 / 6S 3.3in x 6.1in
Galaxy S5 3.6in x 6.1in
iPhone 5 / 5S 3.3in x 5.8in
Pencil Case 10in x 5in for one side of the pencil case
Makeup Bag 17in x 11.2in for one side of the makeup bag
Headband 21in x 12in
Zipper Carry-all 18.5in x 12.7in for each side of the pouch
Product Size in Inches
Tote Bag 17.7in x 19.3in for one side of the tote bag
Day Tote 21in x 38.4in (twice) for the inside/outside of the bag
Origami Tote 41in x 41in
Wall Art
All Art is sized to product dimensions
Colour Space & Matching
The colour system associated with each printer is different. When printing on alternative products, there are unavoidable differences in the colour outcome of all products. Even with the use of Pantone colour charts you will never get an exact match when viewing the final product. Many factors affect these variances, including when we heat set or heat press the inks into the product. Saving all artwork at the standard RGB (Adobe RGB 1998) will work great for all artwork.
If you are unsure about how colours will translate on your product, pre-printed fabric swatches or swatches of your own design are available for purchase here.